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    • Ramini Bionutrition's Xtreme muscle mass gainer supplies 373 Kcal energy in each serving to add fuel to your heavy workouts
    • Each serving provides 20 g Protein and 71 g carbs in 1:35 ratio in a day to help expedite muscle recovery and maximize your muscle building
    • 1.5 g of Creatine monohydrates per Serve
    • 1.2 g of BCAA and 1 g of L-Glutamine per Serve
    • Contains Essential Vitamins and Mineral premix to optimize energy and relieves muscle fatigue after heavy duty workouts        


    Ramini Bionutrition Xtreme muscle mass gainer is a unique blend of protein and carbohydrates in 1:35 ratio fortified with essential vitamin and mineral premix. Ramini Bionutrition Xtreme mass gainer blended with three different protein types supplies essential amino acids and BCAA, simple and complex carbohydrates to support weight training, speed up recovery and build lean muscle mass. Ramini Bionutrition Xtreme mass gainer has essential vitamins and mineral premix that relieves muscle fatigue after heavy workouts and also has fibers that help to improve better absorption of all nutrients and better digestion to give your body support it needs to pack on lean muscle.


    Skimmed milk powder, whey protein concentrate, soy protein, maltodextrin, malt extract, maize starch, soluble fiber (inulin), sucrose, sucralose, vitamin & mineral premix, xanthan gum and creatine mohohydrates. Contains permitted natural food colours and added flavours.

    Product Info:

    Packaging: Jar

    Form : Powder

    Serving size: 2 scoops (100g) 

    Calories per serving: 373

    Protein per serving: 20g

    Vegetarian / Non-Vegetarian: Vegetarian

    Shelf life: Best before 24 months from date of manufacturing

    Directions for Use: 

    Dissolve 100g (2 heaping scoops) of xtreme muscle mass gainer in a glass (240 ml) of water or milk and consume it immediately. 

    Have it 1 - 2 times a day.

    Safety Instructions:

    • Store in a clean and dry place.
    • Keep the expiry date in mind.

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